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Click on the promotion you would like to use, print it out, include it with your case and mail it to us!
These promotions are designed for you to try our lab, without financial commitment! So, please take advantage of them. We would love to work with you!
Complimentary Crown


Free crown + 10% off first statement

Enjoy a complimentary PFM, Zeno Zirconia or Bruxzir crown and receive 10% off of your entire first month's statement.


Zeno Zirconia Promotion


Zeno Zirconia is by far our hottest selling material. It offers great strength, esthetics, and with this promotion, an unbelievable price!


Open a new account with us using this promotion and you will receive 6 months of great savings!


Please call us at 800-515-6926 for pricing info.

Refer A Friend


It's beneficial for everyone!


For YOU: For every doctor accrued, you will receive 10% of their monthly statement as a credit towards your own account for up to 12 months. Which means YOU will receive smaller statements from us, possibly even no statement at all!


for THEM: Every new doctor will receive a complimentary PFM no-precious, Zeno Zirconia, e.max, or Bruxzir crown!


For US: We grow as a lab and continue serving our doctors with high quality products and low pricing!


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