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Mr. Crown Dental Studio has worked hand in hand with dentists across the US based on mutual trust and professionalism since 1996.
We are honored that we have had the opportunity to work with so many great dentists, and we are proud that we have been able to provide dentists with reliable and beautiful restorations at affordable prices - exceeding expectations in every way possible.
By listening and responding to our customer’s needs and desires, we have been able to create an efficient system while still providing personalized attention to each case. We continue to develop and provide you with improved products that offer more effective clinical solutions to you and your patients.
Our goal is to meet your expectations some of the time, and exceed them most of the time.


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1 800 515 6926
1 714 429 1007

Mr. Crown Dental Studio
2901 W Pendleton Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92704



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Exciting news!

We've been trying different zirconia's to offer our client's the best on the market, without compromising cost and strength!

We hope to start offering the new material by next month!

Please call us at 800-515-6926 for more details.

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May 2024

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